What I Learned in Aberdeen

Ian is working up in Aberdeen this week and I decided to take the train up to visit him. The following are some of this things I have learned while up here:

1. Aberdeen is definitely NOT a tourist attraction. Sure, its the third largest city in Scotland, but that is about where the interesting stuff ends. Trust me, I tried to find something to catch my attention!
2. Hotels have "ironing rooms". Ian thought it was something for the housekeeping, but we soon discovered that it is actually where you are supposed to iron your clothes. And for having its own room, you would think they could at least have sprung for a full sized ironing board! Oh, and steam irons aren't allowed. Supposedly they set off the fire alarm...I don't believe that.

3. "Normal" showers do exist in the UK! Everywhere I have been, including my own house, has pump showers that you have to turn on and off. And these showers don't have great water pressure. When I got in the shower at the hotel today, I got into a normal shower with great water pressure. I am jealous!
4. I think I have discovered why the Scottish loathe basketball so much. It is possibly because they are trying to play it on grass!

5. KFC, which is all the rage over here, charges for ketchup. 10p a pack. What's up with that?!?

1 comment:

  1. 10p for ketchup that is horrible! I guess that is one way to prevent bums from stealing the ketchup and eating it as their meal. I heard something on BBC 1 the other day about KFC being the most popular fast food in the UK and that they were still putting in new stores as all the other companies were struggling. And I'm glad you enjoyed your shower!


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