What is Love?

If I judged love basted on store windows and advertisements, I would think love has something to do with chocolate, flowers and lingerie. Valentines day has always been a funny day to me. Why do couples need a day to celebrate their love? They already have their anniversary, and that's something to celebrate given that it's a milestone each year. But a day to celebrate love, I just don't get it. And why all the expense? Honestly, who really wants chocolate for Valentines day or really any day? Okay, I am sure there are some of you out there that would appreciate it, but it does seem rather impersonal and unexciting. And really, what does chocolate have to do with love anyway?

In my relationship, love is celebrated everyday. We constantly tell each other I love you, do nice things and take time for the other person. So why some couples need a special day for this, I don't understand. Maybe the day should be a time for couples to reflect and figure out how to be loving toward each other every other day in the year!

But, back to my original question - what is love? The dictionary has many definitions of love. All of them have something to do with passion, affection and attachment. When you think about it, love is extremely hard to define in words. And not only is it a feeling, but it is action as well. And most times, it is the actions that define love. It is putting someone else before ourselves. It is helping each other along in this thing we call life. It is enjoying each other's company. It is the nice, selfless things we do for each other. And most importantly, it is every day, not just to be done (or shown) on the special days of the year.

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