Self Medication

I was out and about today when I saw an old lady (like late 70's) totally drunk. She was so drunk, she could barely stand. Good thing there was a cop there holding her up! At the sight of this, I decided to look at what time it was...2:27. 2:27 in the afternoon and this old lady was so drunk she couldn't even stand on her own. This got me thinking...

What makes us go from being our parent's miracle (tiny newborn babies) to people who self medicate ourselves (drink or use drugs to not deal with life)? Somewhere in life we make some bad decisions. Those bad decisions sometimes follow us around. They create stress in our life. That stress adds up and eventually we can't take it anymore. So, we self medicate.

The problem is in feeling out of control, feeling trapped. Getting snowballed in life and not knowing how to pick ourselves back up. But really, with so few years on this earth, does anyone want to spend them medicated? Not feeling what real life feels like? There is pain in life. There is disappointment. But, there is also joy, happiness, love, friendship, family, fun and more. Feeling all the greatness in life is worth feeling the pain for. Plus, no one wants to be the old lady stumbling around drunk on the sidewalk at 2:27.

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  1. That is crazy that the old lady was drunk...... I think it is better to spend life unmedicated!!!!!


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