Cousins for Life

Connor met his cousin Tanner for the first time yesterday. I was so excited about this. Tanner didn't seem too interested in Connor...and probably didn't understand why I kept saying this new word "cousin" to him over and over. He was nice to Connor though. In the car, Connor was crying and he was concerned enough that he kept asking his mom where the baby's binky was. He would even put it back in Connor's mouth when it fell out. When it came time for pictures, he held Connor for about 30 seconds, when he abruptly decided to push Connor away and was done with him.

I love my cousins. To this day, a few of them are very important people in my life to me. I am excited to watch as Connor and Tanner grow up together and I get to see their relationship grow.


  1. WOW. Connor sure has changed since you were here. I agree, cousins are important.
    love, Brenda

  2. This is SOOOO cute!!!!!

    Friends for life!


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