I was hanging out with a friend today and we were talking about life. Out of our conversation came a very interesting topic...discipline. Then my friend said...

Can you think of anything in life that takes discipline to achieve, but doesn't give you the rewards?

Thinking about it, I couldn't. Working out makes you more fit. Working hard gives you promotions and pay raises (eventually). Changing diapers gives you (well, means you are blessed with) a child. Not biting your nails gives you long, girly nails (yeah, I don't think I care about that one).

The interesting thing about discipline is that while we are trying to be disciplined and turn something into a habit, it feels like pulling teeth!

The other thing we noticed is that the busier we are, the more our lives are organized and the more we accomplish. Talk about ironic!

I want to be disciplined. I want to be faithful with my time. I don't want to settle for mediocrity, I want to settle for excellence and part of the way to accomplish that is by being disciplined and diligent with my time every day...and currently that means by changing poopy diapers, feeding my little man, playing airplane with him, taking pictures and having conversations...and that is about the BEST way I can spend my time! (That and having coffee with my man!)

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