Who am I?

Did you ever notice that it is so easy to talk about other people, but when it comes to describing things about yourself, it seems impossible? Or...maybe that is just me. But that got me thinking. Who am I? What are quirky things that make me "me" that people may or may not know. So here are 20 things to help you better know/understand me:

I am enjoying being a mom.
I am enjoying buying baby stuff (heck, I waited my whole life to have a reason to buy it!)
I am too into the news.
I smile all the time.
I am a night owl.
I say "sorry" much more than I should, and need to.
I am married.
I am on the internet way too often.
I am a people pleaser.
I am in love.
I am happy.
I enjoy blogging.
I sometimes feel I cannot relate to people because my life has turned out so well (no joke).
I am happy to walk, rather than drive.
I care about the environment (and get frustrated that Americans in general do not).
I am not into my hair as much as I should be (come on, I let my husband give me my last haircut)!
I like taking pictures.
I am scared of taking risks, though many people think of me as a risk taker.
I am afraid of being a failure.
I don't like complete darkness (not because I am scared, but because I like to see). And oddly enough, I sleep more soundly during the day than at night.

So there you have it people...you got to see a little bit deeper into the psychie of Jessica. Just what you wanted, I know!

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