What's it Going to Be?

A few years ago...wait, I guess it only feels like a lifetime ago, but was really in October...I posted an update about my pregnancy with some survey questions. I want to revisit that to see how you all did. Are you ready?

#1 - Baby G will be a:
47% - Boy
53% - Girl

#2 - Baby G will be born:
32% - Before its due date
21% - On its due date
47% - After its due date
On a side note, I would like to thank those of you who said before its due date...I was really hoping he would come early! Those 10 days that he was late seemed to last FOREVER!

#3 - Baby G will be born:
37% - In the morning
26% - During the day
37% - In the middle of the night

#4 - Will Baby G have hair?
84% - Yes
16% - No

#5 - Will Ian pass out during the birth?
16% - Yes
84% - No

#6 - Will Ian & Jessica have a name picked out before the birth?
42% - Yes
58% - No

If anyone out there got all the questions right (or even remembers what they answered on all the questions!), I would like to congratulate you with a job well done and a pat on on the back!

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