Perspective really is what defines our lives. Everyone sees life thru their own eyes and set of experiences. As we expand our experiences, our perspective expands and changes. I have seen this in my own life a lot over the past couple years.

Example #1:
Weather. I used to wear a winter coat even in southern California. I even used to bundle up in scarves and beanies. Now, after living in Scotland and getting used to the weather over there, the weather in California seems mild. I went for a walk the other day in 52 degree weather and didn't need a coat or anything. In fact, I haven't used my winter coat once since touching down stateside.

Example #2:
What matters in life. After moving and being away from my family and friends, I realized what really matters in life. It is hard to be away from people when things are going on...good things, bad things, birthdays, etc. That is one thing that really saddens me about living so far away from everyone. I have never been able to be at my nephew's birthday party, and that's hard.

Example #3:
Possessions don't really matter. Oddly enough, they seem to consume our lives. Shopping, living, everything. Learning to not let those things consume our lives is key. I wouldn't go as far to say that possessions used to consume my life, but they definitely had a place in my life. Having to pack all my stuff up and put it in storage was very hard. Now I look back and think that we should have just sold most the stuff. Mostly everything in life is replaceable. Its the irreplaceable in life that really matters.

Moving to Scotland really opened my eyes. I am glad to of have my eyes opened. Recently I was talking to a friend about how when you have less experience, your life is simpler and don't realize what you are missing; your heart isn't torn between two different places, etc. I think in ways that is true. But, I am happy for the experiences and perspective I have gained in life...and hope for more in the future.

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