How I imagined a first day of ballet picture being: 

How Isla imagined a first day of ballet picture being: 

After the success of Isla's little six week ballet course in the spring, and her talking about ballet all the time since, we took the leap and signed Isla up for the season this time. It started last week and ends in June with a performance…which, I have to admit, I am already so stinking excited about seeing her all dressed up in her little outfit for the performance.

During the spring course, two of her friends were in the same class. It wasn't until we were at ballet that Isla realized her friends weren't doing it with her this time. For a second, I thought it all might go downhill fast, but she seemed to quickly recover. She was very excited about class and really enjoyed herself. Her class is at an odd time (not for us, but apparently mid-afternoon classes aren't popular), so it is really small. I really like that it turned out like that. And, watching little girls do their warm up stretches is about the cutest thing ever…behind watching Isla try to stare at herself in the mirror the entire class time, which is just so dang funny.

I'm excited to watch Isla do something that she is really excited about, to watch her grow and learn and interact with a new group of people she has never met before.

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  1. Such a sweetie!! Hope she had fun! xo

  2. I'm so excited to follow her little dance journey! Taylor LOVED dance last year and we are already gearing up for it starting up mid-September again!


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