The Fireman That Wanted to Be a Cop, But is Fine Being a Fireman

A couple weeks ago, I saw a SWAT costume at Costco that I thought Connor would love…after all, he has said he wanted to be a police man consistently for two years now. I'm kicking myself now for not just buying it when I saw it. But, the biggest size they had was a 5-6 and I was afraid it wouldn't fit him. Anyway, we headed to Costco this weekend and I made the mistake of telling him about the costume. And, of course, they had none left. But, like the champ he is, he easily settled on this fireman get up instead. He has literally worn it non-stop since…with nothing on under it, as he likes to publicly declare to people…to which one lady responded, "If only you were 18." Oh man.

^^ Connor affectionately calls the axe "the keys to the city". In fact, I haven't heard him refer to it as an axe once. When he had his fire station field trip in the spring, that is what the fireman called the axe. The memory on this kid, I tell ya. 

Connor goes all the way in wanting to be legit in his get up. He wears his rain boots with it…and even leaves the pants and boots standing in a pile for quick dressing like firemen do. He tried having me add his goggles to the helmet, but wasn't sold on the idea, so took them off. My favorite part about all this may just be when Connor said to me slightly concerned, "What if some firemen see me and think I am lost and make me go back to the fire station with them?"

It's childhood imagination like this I love so much. Still feeling like the sky is the limit and you can be anything you want to be. I really do love the innocence and freedom that comes with being a kid.

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  1. And the whistle is still attached? Sawyer last two hours with his whistle then it "disappeared"

  2. Hi. Where is this fireman outfit from? My son is obsessed and wants to be a fireman but I can't find a outfit like this anywhere x


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