Santa Monica Pier

I remember at the beginning of the summer when we were trying to plan some fun things to do as a family, our summer was already so booked up, we had to plan everything for the end, right before Connor started school. A week ago we headed to LA for a couple days. We took the kids to the Santa Monica Pier at the suggestion of my mom. Seriously, this place is awesome for kids. The day wristbands are totally cheap and the lines actually were really short. The kids had so much fun and were done after about three and a half hours…which was like a million rides because there was literally no wait for any of the kiddie rides.

I didn't get a wristband, but Ian did so he could go on some of the bigger rides with Connor. While they did that, I hung out in the kiddie area with Isla and let her ride rides. The only downfall, I would say, is there is not much seating. I was making a beeline for an empty bench and this guy stepped right in front of me and sat in the MIDDLE of the bench. Then he had the nerve to stare at me like "What?" I seriously wanted to smack him, stealing a bench from a pregnant woman.

^^ On the way out, one of the kids spotted a photo booth and went running to it. Given that I am a sucker for those things, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg, we all scrunched in for a little photo sesh.

It was a really fun time and I highly recommend the pier to anyone with kids. It sure is different than the days that Ian and I used to spend in Santa Monica when we lived down there. In fact, he said it sounded fun to walk around, but not with the kids with us ;) Especially not with two tired kids…and we were stroller-less. Either way, I think it's fun to experience new things with kids that we never would have done without them. Isn't that what being a parent is all about, being given a pass to act like a kid again?!?  

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