I've been on a kick lately to unsubscribe from all the junk emails I get. And I really didn't realize how much I get until I started unsubscribing from it. Many people I know have an email account set up just for junk mail, but I do not. And I am that person that signs up for emails because it got me a discount at one point or entered me in a giveaway or something and I never go back and unsubscribe. And it has gotten out of control. The frustrating part is it isn't always easy to unsubscribe from emails. Some put their unsubscribe links at the top, most at the bottom. Some unsubscribe you as soon as you hit the link, but others make you take a survey and some even make you reenter your email address to get off their annoying list. Sure, none of it is hard exactly, but it takes time and when you are trying to get your name off as many lists as I am, it becomes annoying. But the other day that all changed.

I don't know how it took me so long to see this, but in gmail there is an unsubscribe button on most of the junk mail emails…right there on the top left, next to the email address of the sender. And once you click it, gmail does the rest for you. Some of the companies unsubscribe you immediately and you know because a window pops up in your browser letting you know that. Others take a couple days and you get an email when you have been removed from the list. But I love just having to click ONE BUTTON and not having to do any leg work. Seriously life changing for a girl like me.

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