Connor's First Day of Kindergarten

Yesterday was Connor's first day of kindergarten…which seriously, I can't spell kindergarten!!! Why is it such a hard word to spell?! But back to Connor. Given that he has been excited to go to kindergarten for months now, I wasn't worried at all about how he would do. We went shopping for his backpack a week and a half ago and he was so incredibly excited. I thought for sure he would pick a minion backpack, but he ended up with R2D2 and is very happy with his choice.

There were tons of parents and grandparents hanging around waiting for school to start. The kindergarten has its own playground and when it's time for them to go to class, the teacher blows the whistle, the kids line up and go in. The teacher warned us ahead of time that parents would not be allowed to accompany children inside. Connor was hyper and having fun running around playing before school…he wasn't like many of the other kids clinging to their parents side. The teacher blew the whistle, he grabbed his backpack and ran to get in line. It was a little weird seeing him walk in that classroom. But it is a good weird. He is so excited and ready to learn, so I am super happy for him.

After school, Connor told me his favorite part of the day was "when we ate lunch (snack time) and playing". Sounds about right. He also made a friend, but doesn't remember their name. He was actually sad that school didn't last all day and was super bummed that he didn't have homework. Crazy kid! I'm glad he is so excited about school and hope that excitement doesn't wain as the years go on.

^^ That's not Connor throwing a gang sign, but merely me trying to get him to make a "k" for kindergarten. 

^^ It was his idea to show off his backpack in a picture. It lights up and he was super bummed that the lights didn't show up in the picture. 

^^ Waving bye, before going into class. 

Now for me to get the excitement and energy to bound out of bed early every morning for the next several months. It will take some getting used to for this night owl of a mama to adjust to early mornings five days a week…we've never had to do that before.

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  1. OH - it seems like it was a good experience for everyone!!! I love that he waved to you as he walked into his first day of kindergarten!!!!


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