Isla {5 years}

Five years. It feels like a big one. In fact, one of the many things Isla told someone on her birthday is, "I'm five. I'm starting kindergarten soon." That one caught me off guard. Sure, we have like ten months before that happens, but it is weird to think of my second side kick going off to school five days a week. That's when they just become so grown up and things start becoming legit. Never the less, Isla is five. 

One of the best ways to get a glimpse into Isla at five is probably by this interview I did with her. 

What's your full name? Isla
How old are you? 5
How tall are you? 4 years 5
What color are your eyes? blue
What color is your hair? brown
What day of the week is it? Friday. Sunday. Monday. (it was Wednesday)

What is your favorite:
    color - purple
    food - oreos
    drink - apple juice
    ice cream - chocolate chip
    toy - puppy in my pocket
    book - shopkins (she does't even have a shopkins book)
    song - jump into the light
    tv show - My Little Pony
    movie - Ninjago (really it's another tv show)
    thing to do - play
    game - basketball (she's never played it)
    sport - What's a sport?
    animal - kitty

Who is your best friend? Alexis
What is your favorite thing about yourself? I'm great and I'm peaceful. 

Three things that make you special:
    1. I love my life
    2. It's so nice to be nice
    3. It's so nice to be a girl

Humble is obviously Isla's middle name! My inlaws took Isla out for her birthday the other night and she said to them, "Don't you wish you were me?" Oh, that girl. 

Isla requested mint oreos for her school party this year. She had never even had them until we were on vacation this summer. And she only eats the middle part. But I obliged and that's what everyone had. After never really liking milk, she developed a love of milk a few months ago. She also really likes tomatoes, really any fruit, and cream cheese. She always scrapes the cream cheese off a bagel and licks it off her finger. 

Isla is great, no amazing, at independent play. She plays with all sorts of toys and also loves coloring and drawing. Some of her current favorite toys are shopkins and my little pony. She also still plays with legos a lot. And her books get used on a daily basis. She isn't too picky about her books and seems to like all of them. She has also gotten really into makeup lately, which totally scares me. She actually carried an Ulta ad with her everywhere she went for several days in a row. And I have totally heard her talking to other girls about makeup. She obviously didn't get that from me, so it must be something ingrained in her! 

Isla really is a fun one to have around. No one has ever accused her of having a lack of personality…or energy, for that matter!!! I love this little girl so much and am glad she is a part of our family. 

^^ I just love the genuine look of joy on her face. 

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