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…watch the dust fall. I know, I know, you thought I was gong to say smell the roses there. I am going somewhere with that dust though. But first, what do you even write about when your last post becomes your MOST VIEWED POST OF ALL TIME within hours?! Oddly enough, my last most viewed post was also a bit of a rant from a few years ago. Apparently people like the rants.

But back to the dust. A couple days ago, I was sitting on the kitchen floor with Callum. The lighting was just right where you could see the dust falling through the air. Callum kept trying to grab it and it was totally entertaining me. But it also transported me back to my own childhood. I remember laying on my bedroom floor on Hazelwood Ave in Phoenix watching the dust fall. I also remember watching the clouds move from that very same window. To this day, watching clouds move still fascinates me…and apparently so does dust.

That falling dust really got my brain going. I don't consider myself an overly busy person. I am really pretty good at saying no. But I still get busy. I spend time cleaning the house instead of watching the dust fall with my kids. I have really been trying the last couple months to make sure to my kids, I am the "yes" mom. The mom that says yes when they ask me to play clue jr, school or shopkins with them.  I really, really want to lay that foundation with them now. That foundation that I am here for them. That they ARE IMPORTANT. That they ARE ENOUGH for me.

I often wonder why as adults some are close to their parents and others not. I do believe part of it is how the relationship was when they were children. Now I am not talking about being an over the top, creepily involved parent. But I am talking about my kids knowing they are more important than whatever it is that I have going on. My dad was always amazing at making sure my brothers and I knew that. That is certainly a trait I want to take from him and put in my parenting arsenal.

So here's to staring at the dust falling with my baby, playing shopkins with my preschooler and reading long books with my kid…even if the bathroom remains dirty and dinner gets on the table a little late.

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  1. Lol at people liking rants and being a creepily involved parent.

    You're awesome.


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