The Joy of Bathing

For kids, that is. I'm not sure I get a particular joy out of bathing. Well, maybe when I am big and pregnant and soaking my aching body in a bath, but that's about it.

I came across these pictures of Connor the other day. It really is because of the ease of looking back at such mundane memories that I love blogging so much. But that's not what this is about. It's about bath time.

When Connor and Isla were little, bath time was literally my saving grace. I can remember letting the kids stay in the tub up to an hour playing, just so I could rest. I would literally sit on the toilet..not pooping, with the lid closed ;)...and stare. It was a much needed break in a long, exhausting day. The bath was a time they loved. And it contained them. The best of both worlds.

When we moved, we only have showers upstairs and a bath tub downstairs. Prior to moving, Isla wasn't what I would call a willing participant in showers. In fact, when we were in Hawaii mere weeks before we moved, the condo only had showers and it was drama every single time we bathed Isla there. So, I didn't have high hopes for the shower situation at our new house.

Low and behold, everyone loves it. Especially Callum! He doesn't mind the water hitting his face. And he loves smacking his hands on the floor of the shower. Even Isla quickly came around. And, I have to admit, for this season of our life, I am loving the quickness of showers. Three kids in (especially older kids when many things going on), I apparently don't have as much time to just sit and stare in the evenings!

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