Callum's First Haircut

After more than two years, Callum finally got his first haircut. The kid didn't have much hair to begin with, but really could have used a haircut for at least the past month. But you know, life, holidays, anything and everything got in the way. But Sunday was the day and he finally got it done. Like the total nerd that I am, I wanted it done with Ian there so one of us could take pictures and the other could help with Callum. We took him to one of those places that has a car for him to sit in. 

Callum was super jazzed about the car. That is, until we went to buckle him into it. Then it was no longer cool. He started crying and trying to get out. Thankfully, he calmed down as long as one of us was holding his hand. He actually did pretty dang good during the haircut...I mean, for a two year old. 

Here's a little before to remind you of what we were starting with:

^^ the first snip...yes, I kept the first snip of hair, even if Ian thinks I am weird for doing so. 

And the after:

And just because I'm me, here's to looking back at Connor and Isla's first haircuts. Connor's was at 7 months old and Isla's at three years old. Both kids had so much more hair than Callum as babies. But I'm pretty sure Connor didn't really need to start getting haircuts at 7 months old, but #firsttimeparents.

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