a week and a half

Callum has never been what I would call a stellar sleeper. In fact, he falls perfectly into my theory. A theory that was developed based on my own children (duh.) and has proven true three times over, so is OBVIOUSLY correct. Anyway, the theory goes that babies are either good nappers or good night sleepers, but never both. I've had one good night sleeper and two good nappers, so yeah.

Callum is a good napper. Over his lifetime, he has randomly slept through the night maybe a handful of times. Isla started sleeping through the night at two and a half, so mentally I have been counting down the time until Callum would be two and a half. It's June, in case you were wondering. But then all of the sudden, one beautiful January night, the clouds parted, the moon shone through and Callum slept through the night. And he did it again the next night. And the night after that. For fear of not wanting to jinx it, I didn't say anything to Ian. I was sure he had noticed anyway. And, I know that jinxing isn't really a thing, but it always feels like when I speak something out loud, jinxing happens. Anyway. After a week and a half, I did it. I finally said something to Ian. And we were like, "Oh yeah! Sleep has finally come to us! Our lives are amazing. This is great." Then one whole sleep later, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

I shouldn't have opened my mouth. I know. But I just had to celebrate. What has followed has been three nights of relative torture. The kid isn't just waking in the night, but screaming hysterically, inconsolably for long periods of time. I don't think it's night terrors. Connor had those and they were different. Callum is awake during these periods. Just really pissed off. I knew I shouldn't have said anything!

Someday, when I'm like 60 I'll get to sleep again. And when I do, I vow to take my crappy sleepers of grandchildren relatively often to give my poor children and their spouses a bit of uninterrupted sleep. Because really, the worst part isn't being woken over and over again in the night. It is being woken to a fully awake state, not being able to get back to sleep for two hours, then being reawaken a mere 15 minutes after you last looked at the clock and the whole cycle starting over again.

This kid sure is cute though. And somehow, miraculously, these odd sleep patterns seem to not affect his daytime moods at all. They sure do affect my daytime coffee consumption though. Good thing I know a good coffee guy.

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