The Fresno Zoo

On Monday the kids didn't have school, so we went to the zoo with friends. This was the first time we went to the Fresno Zoo and it did not disappoint. It really is nice and it is so much cheaper than the zoos in big cities close to us. I used to take the kids on trips with friends all the time, but somewhere along the way it stopped. I think all of us started to have to many kids to go anywhere together! 

I managed to leave Callum behind with my mother in law. That was nice for two reasons, one he had a cold and two, then we didn't have to deal with him wanting to run constantly. But the truth is, the main reason was so we could all ride in the same car together! It really was nice being able to focus on my older kids for a day though. At first it felt weird not having a stroller with us. I mean, I had to wear a backpack with all our things! But it was so nice going in exhibits not having to worry about parking the stroller or the stroller taking up all the space. 

The kids had so much fun running around and exploring with their friends. And I had so much fun being able to talk with my friend. It was seriously so nice having the kids entertain each other in the car and us just being able to talk with each other. It never seems that easy at home! 

A highlight at the zoo was definitely when we fed the giraffes. I had never done that anywhere before. The kids were going to do it, but Isla was scared. I tried holding her hand with mine and doing it, but she still wouldn't go for it. So I fed them...and even got some giraffe slobber on my hand ;) Connor did it by himself and really enjoyed it. 

We also had the opportunity to feed sting rays. Isla definitely steered clear of that one. Connor wanted to try, but was afraid of being bitten, so I ended up doing that as well. They suck the food out of your hand, so that was an interesting experience. Not to mention your hands end up wreaking of fish because you are feeding them sardines! 

^^ This was Isla's "Please don't make me feed the giraffe!!!" moment

^^ And me just feeding the giraffe...but you can see her big smile, just below my arm, so she obviously thought it was cool.

It was such a fun day at the zoo. We will have to go back again and bring Callum, as I am sure he would love to see all the animals. And given he is both crazy and brave, I am sure he would like to feed them too.

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