The Social Media Conundrum

Its been a little while since its happened, but I'm going to pull out my soap box and dust it off for a minute.

Remember back when social media was a new thing and just seemed fun? Back before people made money off the various platforms. Back before people staged photos. Back before people ranted on and on about political things. Back before people trolled other people's posts. Back when a picture was just a picture. The lighting didn't have to be perfect. The filter either. It was just an in the moment time. Back before everyone tore everyone apart. Back before everyone was trying to sell you something.

I'm not even sure when it changed. But it did.

And here's the thing. I like the pretty pictures. I like the eloquent captions. I like hearing about your dogs, and your kids too. I love seeing your vacation photos and hearing about the funny thing that happened to you at the grocery store today...and bonus points if it was super embarrassing! I don't like the judging. I don't like the comparing. I don't like the attacking of anyone different than ourselves. Yet somehow, social media seems to bring out the cattiness, the insecurity, in far too many people.

One of the things I have learned about myself is I don't have time or the mental capacity for it anymore. I even pretty much only watch comedies for the same reason these days. I deal with enough real life on a daily basis. If I am taking time out to do something, like scrolling social media, I am doing it for a bit of a break. I enjoy pretty pictures and funny stories on that break. That doesn't mean that I don't like a thought provoking caption. But it does mean I don't want the drama. I can't stand the mom shamers attacking a mom for the chest clip not being at the perfect spot in a photo. I don't like the food shamers that attack for a meal not being healthy enough. I don't like the photo shamers that attack for a photo being staged. I don't like political fights when really no one will come out a winner. Honestly, I don't have the time or the energy for it.

And guess what I've learned to do? I've learned to unfollow the people that rub me the wrong way. The people that attack others in their posts. Just because we know each other, doesn't mean I need to follow you and be subjected to your word vomit that probably should have just stayed in your head. I've learned to block people on facebook, or mostly just stay off it. Which I tend to do these days. But it's hard because social media really has connected me back with so many people from different stages in my life that I otherwise wouldn't be easily connected with.

Then there are the people that go on rants for people unfollowing them. I literally don't understand these rants. I don't have the mental capacity to check who is following me or who is still my friend. I have a life! Not to forget, when someone is bringing you down, making you feel bad about yourself or just pissing you off, unfollowing is the more mature thing to do than say troll them with a bunch of nasty comments.

Seriously people, can we get back to the realness? Can we get back to asking for restaurant suggestions and telling about our vacations? Can we get back to funny stories about our children or showing off our home decor? Let's put to rest the things that divide us. Honestly, if you really want to change someone, have the talk with them in person, because trying to do it on social media just isn't going to do anything. This is true from everything from political stances to chest clip positions on children.

Ok, ok, I'm packing up the soap box again. Back to regularly scheduled photo spam of my children shortly.

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