Simple Pleasures

The amazing weather we have had as of late has been refreshing. Sitting in the backyard, basking in the sun, hearing the sounds of my playing children tops the list for things I love to do. I mean, anytime you can enjoy the sun in weather that is not to hot or not to cold is just about perfect for me. And the sunny days seem to be calling the kids names, leading them outside every afternoon.

Now I get that we need the rain. In fact, I would consider myself a bit of a rain lover. The puddle jumping. The dreary day spent up cozy inside the house. The sound of the rain on an umbrella or the top of the car. The look of the rain drops on a window. I love it all.

But every year, when spring comes around (yeah, I know it's too early for spring), it feels like a breath of fresh air. Moving from cozy days indoors to fun days outside. Slowing down to read a book while the kids play. Enjoying a la croix while I read...and trying to defend said la croix against little hands that want to steal it. It's all a bit blissful, if you ask me.

Spring time is one of my loves...well, if you take aways tax season and school schedules. But the weather. The time outside. The light. Everyone's moods. I'll take it all.

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