Isla & Callum

For so long, Callum has just been the baby. The one that they guard their things from. The one they force to do whatever they want. The one they never include. But recently, things have changed a bit.

Isla has started playing with Callum.

She has started purposely including him and doing things with him. They have this adorable little budding relationship. Callum will go curl up with Isla on the couch. He will climb up right next to her. It's so stinking cute. She will grab his hand and lead him places to go play together. It really warms my mama heart.

Given the age difference of Callum to the other two, I didn't know what to expect in terms of relationships and when/if it would start. I know some age gaps are so large relationships don't even develop until adulthood. And some siblings just never mesh together.

It's nice to see Callum not being just left all alone, blocked from the playroom. I'm not saying it still doesn't happen from time to time. They are siblings after all. But to see him getting included really makes me happy.

On a side note, it was our contractor that found the kids doing this yesterday and he responded, "Oh, how fun!" I was slightly embarrassed that they had pulled all the blankets and pillows off Isla's made bed to jump on it. But really, they were having fun. And the contractor has kids, so I am sure he gets it. If he doesn't get it, I am sure he has been in my house enough to know how we roll. Speaking of that, a subcontractor told me he liked that I was raising my kids more free, able to climb around, make mistakes and hurt themselves. Makes me wonder if they are hearing too much crying when they are over working! But we are a bit of a zoo around there, so yeah.

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