Backyard Fun

This weekend, before winter finally decided to hit in California*, the kids decided a high of 60 was a great time to put on their bathing suits and enjoy a little water play. Or, in Isla's case, mud play. And in Callum's case, throwing tons of dirt in the pool before I noticed play. Awesome doesn't even begin to describe that one. The plumbers moved a bunch of dirt by the pool (they must not have young, impulsive children!). And Callum, unable to refrain, threw tons of dirt into the pool before I noticed. And here I thought I could throw a load of laundry in the washer while the kids were playing! Almost a week later, our pool is still trying to recover.

The boys enjoyed playing with the water table, because the mean mom that I am, I drew the line at them getting in the pool. And Isla played in the mud that she made out of said dirt next to the pool for probably an hour. Kind of gross if you ask me. But she was having the time of her life. She finally decided she wanted a bath when she had an itch on her face and her hands were all muddy. Haha! Even after hosing her off, the bath water went brown instantly.

It was some good, not-so-clean, fun that has me looking forward to being back outside all the time.

*Apparently winter decided the very end of February was the perfect time to come. Never the less, we are excited for its arrival. Better late than never. 

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