Our not so annual romp in the almond blossoms

First, let's just clear the air...I said romp in my title...hahaha! Wait. Am I the only one who's mind went there? Oops. 

Anyway, a few years ago I was all, "I'm going to take pictures of my growing children in the almond blossoms every year." Folks, I haven't taken pictures in the almond blossoms since 2015. I actually tried once last year, but it was an epic failure. Callum fell asleep and one of the children wasn't happy with the dirt on their feet. The almond blossoms are only around two, maybe three, weeks. One would think that is plenty of time to get it done. But life people, life. 

We did it this year. (pats self on back) And I'm pretty dang pleased with how they turned out. Not to mention, this is like the prettiest three weeks of the whole entire stinking year where we live. Three weeks. We get three weeks of beauty. Such a thing to brag about ;)

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