Rainy Day, Stay Today

We like rain around here. What can I say? And we get far too little of it. I love how it sounds when the rain hits my car. I love curling up under a blanket listening to the rain. I love wearing my wellies out in the rain. And I love, love, love watching the kids play in the rain.

A little side note. So, I lined our front walkway with these big pinwheels this past weekend. Someone told me they thought the first two I put up weeks ago were a joke, so were shocked by the addition. Hahahaha! I guess the joke is on them! But you should see them all spinning in the wind. It instantly brings a smile to my face.

But back to the rain. Do you see the rain coming down in these pictures? You can mostly tell where the black front door is. Callum was having so much fun running down our front path over and over in the pouring rain. Then we moved it to the backyard, where I let him play until he was thoroughly soaked through. He jumped in every puddle he could find. He played in the water that had pooled up in his water table. He jumped, kicked and played with his hands. And every time I asked if he wanted to come in, he would say no. When I would ask if he was cold, he would wrap his arms around himself and say, "cold", yet still refused to come in. But, eventually I just took him in and let him warm up in a bubble bath.

There's just something magical about rain.

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