Isla Lost a Tooth

There is something abut kids loosing their upper middle teeth that make them seem so grown up. Well, really it's when those big adult teeth come in that they seem so grown up, but I start anticipating the transition immediately. 

Isla's tooth has been loose for over a month now. It's been barely hanging on for at least a week. Like it has been sticking out over her lip loose. This caused some drama last week in ballet when a girl in her class said something, so she pretty much didn't participate the rest of class and instead kept her hand over her mouth. I begged her to let me pull it that night, but she wouldn't. On Monday, I noticed the tooth getting a little dark. I was sort of freaked out and googled it. It means that it detached from the root, so everything inside died. Well, that makes sense given how loose its been for so long! So, that really made me want it gone, but she was in no rush. 

Yesterday morning, everyone woke way earlier than normal. I was sitting in Callum's dark room with him, trying to adjust to waking up before I should be up, when Isla bust in. Even in the darkness, I noticed her mouth was different. But I couldn't tell if the tooth was missing or just sideways, as it has been able to turn given how loose it was. Well, as soon as I said something, she felt her mouth, then screamed and ran out of the room. Sure enough, she lost the tooth while she was sleeping! She instantly went to her bed to destroy it and find the tooth. I told her to stand back and let me look and I was quickly able to locate her tooth in the sheets. 

So there you have it. A fun little story about a girl growing up who lost her tooth while she was asleep. 

She was so proud of that lost tooth that it accompanied her to school. She even got to show the whole class her lost tooth and tell them about loosing it in her sleep. She was proudly telling anyone that would listen yesterday.

That missing tooth, it's so stinking adorable. Yet it also pulls at this mama's heartstrings, knowing she is one step closer to growing up and realizing just how quick it really all happens.

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