Another Spring Post

I know I have posted a lot lately about must be my mood (or the weather). Today we took a trip out to a garden center with our friends. We loaded up the car with plants and headed home. Ian and I took to our patio to plant our plants...some flowers, a tomato plant, a blueberry plant and some sweet corn. What can I say, we were in a food mood! Since we were already out on the patio, we decided to clean up a bit...cleaned the windows, swept and more. It looks really nice.

The blueberry plant really is the most exciting for both of us. Being that it is rather large already, it seems rather legit. It is supposed to produce fruit in July or August and we can't wait!

Hopefully we will actually stay on top of our plants and not let them die! And, hopefully they will produce more than our plants last year...two strawberries and a bell pepper that was an inch tall!

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