No matter where I am, I always seem to conform a bit to my surroundings. And, I am happy to say that even though I have conformed a bit while I am in Scotland, I have caused some of them to conform to me! All of it really is in speech. I get tired of people making a big deal about how I say things, so I conform and say then them the way they do (think herb, but pronounce the "h" at the beginning). Well, it was pointed out yesterday that some of the people I work with have also begun to talk like me! I am rubbing off on them! This made me laugh. It also made me realize, all of us seem to conform a bit to our surroundings. It's just happens. And so, the Jessica-nization (yes, I did make up this uber cool word!) begins!


  1. I am surprised it took so long for the people at work to start talking like you since you are way cool! Remeber what happened at the WDO? We all had a trait or two of Jessica by the time you finally left. You just have a way of rubbing off on people.

  2. NICE!!!! Way to bring the US to Scotland! :)


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