Hard Rock Cafe

When I was younger, I used to think that the Hard Rock Cafe was really cool. I remember me and my brothers wanting to go there whenever we traveled. Eventually, I grew out of it. I realized it was nothing more than a tourist attraction located in about a million different cities. Ian, on the other hand, has a fascination with it. He thinks it is so funny to take pictures of tourists walking out of there with their huge bags of merchandise and makes me pose in front of the stores when we travel. Of course, he does this to make fun of the place, but deep down inside, I think he is really suffering because he didn't get to go there enough as a child. Ha, ha! All that being said, I also thought Hard Rock was an American fascination. Once I moved to Edinburgh, I realized it wasn't. People like going there for the American food. Ian had a work night out there a few weeks ago, and I had a work night out there a couple days ago. The food really is mediocre at best and it is all overpriced, but seriously my coworkers went crazy. Especially the guys...they all got their drinks in souvenir glasses...and they live there! But, it was still a good time had by all. Some of the guys had an eating contest (no joke) and it was fun to hang out with everyone outside of work, even if it was at Hard Rock Cafe!

Note to all: I am sorry to offend anyone out there that is truly a huge fan of Hard Rock Cafe, but come on, you have to agree that that food just isn't good!

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