A Weighty Matter

No one likes to get weighed...well, at least no one I know. But, now that I am pregnant, having my weight taken will become a normal thing to me, so I need to learn to face it. Today, when I stepped on the scale at the doctor's office, the midwife said I was a "lightweight" which made me feel semi okay about having my weight taken. The funny thing about weight over here, is there are different ways (neither way being pounds) that they calculate weight and both ways make you feel better about yourself.

Way #1 - Kilos. With 1 kilo equaling 2.205 pounds, it tends to boost one's self confidence!
Way #2 - Stones. I honesty don't think I will ever get why they do this, but this is how everyone over here says what they weigh. 1 stone equals 14 pounds, so if you weigh 100 pounds, you would say you weigh 7 stone, 2 pounds. It seems easier to me to just say how much you weigh in pounds, but I guess saying it in stones makes you feel lighter and thus better about yourself!

Personally, I think that weighing yourself in kilos is much less accurate than pounds, but given that the number is much smaller, it is still a huge boost in self confidence! So, when in Scotland, weigh as the Scottish do...

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