Poor Little Arms

So I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday where they took blood for about 1001 tests. It's amazing I have lived to this point of my life without all these tests! After the artery collapsing in my right arm, they moved to my left. Three days on, I still have a massive bruise on my left arm (it looks WAY WORSE in person) and it hurts. My right arm has a slight bruise on it, but no pain. The bummer part is that I was two days too early to get a bunch of blood tests for the baby as well (why didn't they think of this when they booked my appointment?!?), so I have to head back again on Tuesday. I am having some fears of them repoking into my already sore arm, but I was told the other option is my feet and I don't think I could handle that, so my arms it is! I'm just tired of looking like a druggie who can't properly insert a needle!

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  1. Would you like me to send you a band-aid to cover your bruise... and it will be like a prize for being good at the doctors.


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