The Birthday

My birthday was earlier this week and I never even commented on it! Ian and I took the day off and headed over to Deep Sea aquarium of sorts near Edinburgh. Though it was small, there was one really cool underwater tunnel where you got to view sharks and fish up close. We even got to watch them being fed. This was definitely the highlight.

The day after my birthday, I returned to my work to find a present. A couple weeks ago, I found out that a certain author customer in my store shared a birthday with me. I was quite excited about this and talked with him about it practically every day. Well, for "our" birthday, I left a card and some candy at the store for him. Apparently, when he came in, he asked for me, discovered I wasn't there, then handed my coworker a present for me, which they in turn handed him the stuff from me. What this present was is a signed copy of one of his books, with a note written inside that says, "Jessica, Even though I didn't have to pay for it, it still counts as a present, right?" I was over the moon about this, and my coworkers, well they were insanely jealous! Then, later that day, he returned to the store to give me a huge hug thanking me for the card and candy and to ask how my birthday went. Its cool that relative strangers in the world can share something like a birthday in common and still make each other feel special. Well, I think so at least!

My birthday was quite a success. Even though I am a year older and wasn't able to celebrate with all my family, it was still quite the good time.

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  1. I'm glad you had a good birthday and made all your coworkers jealous... nice pictures of the sea creatures!


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