Connor's Birth Announcement

Since many of you have already gotten your birth announcements in the mail, I thought it would be safe for me to post it up here. For those of you that didn't get one, it either means one of two things:

1. I don't like you (just kidding...well, sort of)
2. I mailed it to your old address...I got tired of updating my address list and just started using people's old addresses.

For those of you that I do like, I hope your announcement got to you!

I would like to brag for a moment about Connor's announcement. I made it myself. I actually took the time to learn Photoshop (which I think is an unnecessarily hard program to use) and make it...I actually made a few different versions to choose from. Now I am sort of addicted...I didn't send out Christmas cards this year, but I am totally designing my own next year! Or so I say now...


  1. we just got your card & it is beyond cute... made in Scotland was such a sweet touch.

    I have been doing our Christmas cards & my parent's with photoshop/illustrator for a few years now & I practically pull my hair out every time... I always have this grand idea as to what I want them to look like but actually accomplishing what I set out to do is beyond frustrating. This year I bought a few design elements from & went from there.

    you did a great job, Connor is such a cutie.

  2. I guess you like me because I got my announcement! Connor is hanging on my fridge :)

    You did a great job learning photoshop :)


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