My Sick Little Bug

Yesterday, Connor went to the doctor for a weight checkup only to discover that he hadn't gained any weight in a week. Given that this had been a problem that they had been monitoring, plus it being so close to the holidays, the doctor decided to refer us up to the hospital. Initially, Ian and I thought we were only going to be at the hospital for a couple hours with Connor. A couple hours turned into more than 24 hours. The doctors weren't sure if they felt something in his stomach, so they decided to keep him in overnight to observe him and ultrasound his belly in the morning.

In the mean time, they started him on new (and more intense) meds for reflux. They put him on the adult version of the reflux medicine he was already taking after each feed and added another medicine that he takes three times a day. After a few hours, we already noticed a difference. The doctors were unable to get a clear picture of his stomach during the ultrasound, but felt that nothing was there and decided to send him home...which Ian and I were happy about.

The little guy seems to be doing well and I look forward to him chunking up in the days to come!

Snug as a bug in a rug...all wrapped up in his hospital bed


  1. Sweet picture of Connor sleeping at the hospital! I am so glad you all are home and the new meds are working. I will keep praying for all three of you. Get some rest now girl, you need it!

  2. I am so happy that you are home! I know that God is healing Connor and that he will grow up strong & healthy. We love him, you & Ivan - have a VERY MERRY Christmas! We miss you.


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