The New Question

Now that I have graduated from being the pregnant woman to being the mom, there is a new question that keeps being asked of me. Everywhere we go, everyone seems to ask the same question...

How is he sleeping?

I am always a little baffled at how to answer this question. Come to think of it, I am always a little baffled about how to answer any question asked of me! I never know how much information people really want, if they really care and what information they care to hear. So, my standard answer has become...

It changes every night.

Is this true? Yes. One night Connor seems to sleep like a dream. The next, doesn't want to go to bed, then wakes up in the middle of the night and wants to be held and rocked for two hours...which is much more difficult than it sounds when you are delirious and sleepy.

Since having Connor, I have discovered that Ian can sleep thru most baby cries. I have to admit, this helps during the week. I don't have to feel guilty about Connor ruining Ian's night sleep because he has to work the next day. Instead, I can stay in the comfort of my own room and deal with Connor's middle of the night meltdowns. On the weekends, this isn't so great. Even if I wake Ian up and hand him Connor, he will pretty much fall back asleep holding a crying baby. I WISH it were so easy for me...since having Connor, I don't sleep well. I hear every noise and if I don't hear noise, I get up and check to make sure he is still breathing. It is pathetic. The other night, I was laying in bed praying for God to just knock me out cold so I could get a good couple hours sleep, undisturbed.

I am beginning to realize that I will need to take daily naps. Don't get me wrong, I love a good nap. It's just that nap time would coexist in the same time frame that allows me to get stuff done around the house...which helps me understand why it said in all those baby books that you are doing good when you get one non-baby related thing done around the house a day!

As I write this blog, my son lay on me sleeping. I am left wondering how deep this sleep is and if I dare put him in his bed. I am hoping for a couple more hours sleep...after all, it is Saturday...doesn't he know this?!?


  1. My mom stayed with us for nearly 2 weeks after Landon was born and she forced me into the habit of naps. I'm so thankful. They really saved me.

    I also didn't sleep well at first. I remember doing the same thing - praying I would sleep b/c Landon was and being unable to. And I actually preferred him to snore b/c then I wouldn't have to worry that he wasn't making any noise. I'm not sure that completely goes away - I still don't sleep as well as I did before baby.

    I'm loving reliving those first few months through your experiences. Thanks for keeping up the blogging!

  2. I flew out of bed with my heart in my throat when I woke up at 5 am (feeling gloriously rested) the first night our first baby slept through the nite.

    And I think God created mommy ears and daddy ears when it comes to hearing baby cries during the night!

    Hang in there. brenda


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