The Weekend


On Friday, Connor had two visits to the doctor. They discovered that he has only gained 2 ounces since birth (this isn't normal) and that he has severe acid reflux (hence the reason he hasn't gained weight). So, he got put on some medicine that I have to give him after he feeds. Getting Connor to take all the medicine is a bit of a challenge. We have to give it to him in a bottle and he isn't too interested in taking it after he just finished eating. But, the medicine works. He is barely spitting up at all anymore. We head back to the doctor on Thursday to make sure he is now putting on weight...I think he is.


I had my first solo trip out of the house since having Connor...and exactly 4 weeks after having him. Ian and Connor hung out with some of our friends while I joined my old work for their Christmas party. It was nice seeing everyone and catching up...also realizing how much my life has changed in 4 weeks!


We participated in the Great Scottish Santa Run in Edinburgh with some of our friends. This was a memory to last a lifetime. The run was for charity and was only two laps around a park. In many places it was so crowded with "santas" that you couldn't run anyway. We walked the "run" anyway so it really didn't matter. Oh, and they gave out medals to everyone at the end!


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  2. Where was Connor during the Santa Run???

  3. We asked a homeless man to watch him while we did the run. No, we pushed him in his pram. He was asleep the whole time, so he sat out on the photo session.


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