Questions to Ask

So, before I had a baby, there were questions I didn't even know to ask about life with a baby. I thought I would entertain all of you with my question and answer time.

What do you do when your baby has been crying for hours, you have to pee and you are alone?
Apparently, just set the baby down, let it cry and run to the bathroom.

How do you shower when its just you and the baby?
Bring him into the bathroom with you and shower as quick as humanly possible.

How do you get ready when its just you and the baby? Oh, and the baby is screaming at the top of its lungs?
You don't! Well, you throw on your clothes and grab the baby...the hair can wait.

How do you get over judging yourself for not getting enough done around the house?
I haven't quite figured this one out. I try giving myself a reprieve, but then I see my laundry basket and try to figure out how I can get more done around the house while caring for my little man.

I thought you only leak milk when a baby cries...why do I seem to leak all the freaking time?!?
Well, the baby crying thing, I think that is only a myth. The leaking thing really means its time for my baby to eat!

Why can my baby sleep for like 6 hours at night, yet seem so alive in the morning?
Its all those freaking naps he takes during the day! The problem is, most of them are cat naps, making it virtually impossible for me to nap at the same time.

How is it that you can be exhausted from the baby screaming, but as soon as it stops and smiles at you, your heart is melted and you feel content?
Motherhood just can't be explained!

Connor just melts my heart. I can't believe how fast he is going to grow up and want to enjoy every second of it. He is so adorable and I hope everyday he knows how much his mom and dad love him.


  1. Connor is such a cutie! Sorry to hear about the acid reflux. It's super tough to deal with, but Landon's medicine helped him in just a few days. And by 6 weeks he was a completely different infant. Isn't just the most amazing thing that we can be super tired and frustrated and yet love them more than anything all at the same time!

  2. oh the questions and great answers will only keep coming...

    as for the cat need to get baby wise and Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child - gotta do the combo because one is to rigid (I have never let Xander cry himself to sleep for more than 7 minutes...usually he needs something) and one is to medical the combo is perfect :)


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