We've Done it to Ourselves

I came across an article on CNN this weekend about a store window display in Los Angeles. Basically, Christians are complaining that the window display is too promiscuous and the store is calling it art. Though I would have to say that I personally think it is weird that anyone would want to "slut up" the virgin Mary, I really think we only have ourselves to blame. I also think as Christians we get too sensitive about things sometimes, but that is for another blog.

As Christians, we have lost sight of what Christmas is all about. Isn't it about celebrating the birth of Jesus? Then, why do we put up Christmas trees, take our kids to get their pictures taken with santa and make it all about the gifts? Now, I am not saying that any of these things is wrong...I do them as well...but when Christians take a "Christian holiday" and paganize it, we can't complain when others do the same.

Also, when people are not Christ followers, why should we expect them to live their lives the same way we do? Shouldn't we be reaching out and loving people like this rather than threatening to attack them? Oh yeah, apparently the churches in the area are planning a protest if the window display isn't changes. Imagine if people came and protested the church every time they didn't like something we did or displayed? I know people attach the church a lot, but it has been a while since I have seen a church with protesters outside it...though it was entertaining when I saw it (and it was my church it was happening to).

Really, no matter where you fall on this issue (and I would love to hear your opinions), I would like to say...we really only have ourselves to blame.

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