Camping, The WHOLE Story

When going camping, its hard to know how the trip will go. There are so many things completely out of your the campground will be, the weather, how your child will sleep, food, etc. Well I have to say, things went so well.

We showed up to a beautiful campground. There weren't campsites per-say, it was just pitch your tent wherever. We were able to get a spot between a river and a creek and we were right on the river. It was perfect....drowned out the noise of our child to other people and drowned out the noise of other people from us.

And there is nothing like a camp-cooked meal! Seriously...something about all of it, the steak, the eggs, the just all tastes better from a campsite. And from a cool cooker like ours!

Since we were spending a week in the great outdoors, we did some outdoor activities. Some of them were a success with Connor, others not so much. For instance...

Playing with Connor on the sandy beach of a lake...success.

Taking Connor on a bike ride...not so much. Apparently the kid doesn't like bumps and we took him on a 14 mile trail ride. There were so many bumps and so many screams. Finally, in the last few miles, he went to sleep, making it easier on all of us.

Taking Connor swimming (in an indoor pool)...success. After the bubble bath incident of 2010, I was afraid to try something like swimming. What if Connor went completely crazy on us? Well we tried and it went great. In fact, the indoor pool had a rather serious water slide (think more water park, less backyard pool) that we were allowed to take Connor down. Ian and I took turns taking him on it and we went down at least 6 times. The first time, he was serious the whole way down, but laughed after it was over. By the last time down, he actually laughed during the turns. Such a little dare devil! Sorry for no pictures. They weren't allowed at the pool. I got yelled at when I pulled my camera out. Made me feel like I was a kid again...getting in trouble.

Getting Connor to sleep thru the night in a tent...not so much. He went to bed ever evening in his travel cot and slept until at least 1am, giving Ian and I nice evenings together. Then it was a party in mom's sleeping bag, making for less than stellar nights sleep for mom!

Oh, and we went to a wildlife park where we got to take a little guided tour. It was really fun having someone explain to us different things about all the animals...who weren't behind fences and were at times inches from our car. We opened the window and Connor would just stare. It was cute.

So there you have it, a very successful camping trip with Mr. Connor. Lots of memories to be had. And as with every vacation, its now back to reality...back to work for Ian and 23 million loads of laundry facing me!

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  1. I love that you took Conner with you, and attempted brave adventures such as riding bikes! Jordan (my husband) and I are looking forward to taking our future children on adventures... I think we'll be the type to be on a backpacking trip, one person carrying the supplies, the other carrying the baby... :D


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