My Child, The Genius

Did you ever notice that you pop out a child then your whole world becomes about them? Now I am certainly not complaining...I am more afraid that I am becoming a bore-fest for everyone around me. I mean, seriously, how many stories do people really want to hear about Connor? I try to talk about other things, but there is one little reality...he is my world. Oh well. No fighting it. Just another blog about Connor.

Connor is a genius. Sure he can't wave or make animal sounds, but my kid has skill. True skill. The other day, he picked up the phone and held it to his ear! Sure, most of the phone ended up behind his head. I am just so proud of him for getting the concept. Yesterday he picked up the remote control and held it up to his ear like a phone, so he doesn't fully understand. But still. I am one proud mama. My boy is a genius!

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