Wuss, I am not

So I yelled for Ian today to show him this crazy thing I found in our front doorway. On his way over he said something to the effect of, I hope you aren't calling me over for another tiny spider. And he really didn't even respond when he saw what I called him over for. I mean, come on, he was greeted with THIS:

Now I will admit, I can be a little anal about spiders. Its not that I can't handle killing the smaller ones on my own. During the day, I even kill the big, nasty ones on my own. But I do get tired of them coming in my house. It gives me a bit of the creeps. And, given the size of that web, I think I had reason to be a little dramatic about it. That web was huge! And it wasn't in our doorway when we went in the house a couple of hours before. That must have been one huge and determined spider that created it...and since we never found it, it will probably attack me tonight while I am sleeping.


  1. So I keep hearing that spiders that make round webs like that make them in a few hours during the night, then eat up the webs by the morning (to get back some nutrients). Yet, if it's spinning it during the day, that debunks THAT theory. Anyways, I can't tell how big the web is w/o any reference but it is creepy!

  2. I think that spider is an artist!

  3. Rachel, the web was a good 18 inches long! And in my front door. I just didn't enjoy it!

    And Carli, I did think it looked cool, but still creeped me out!

  4. That web is really beautiful even if its creator was probably a little bit on the icky side!

    I'm glad you saw it before walking through it. Is there anything worse than spider web in the face? (Well, probably, but it IS bad)


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