Weekend Update

We had a wonderful, relaxing and productive weekend over here in the Grimbleby household. We went on a little adventure and ended up on the world's narrowest road. Seriously. Only in Scotland! I am so glad that no one was coming toward us because I don't know how we would have been able to pass. There were fences on both sides of the road, so there would have been nowhere to go.

We went to Costco and only bought things that we needed. Go us! And Connor had some fun with the box at home. We don't know how he ended up with the box on top of him, but he was crawling around the kitchen crying...not serious crying, just whining. It was funny.

We had a move night after Connor went to bed...complete with popcorn. I actually don't remember the last time I had popcorn. It was good. I just don't like how oily my hands felt afterward. Oh, we watched Date Night and thought it was cute.

We put the door back on Connor's room...it was taken off because it opens at a 90 degree angle right into his room and given that our property management company wouldn't take the full size bed out of his room as they said they would, we needed all the space we could get. But, we are now sacrificing space for privacy. Connor wakes up whenever we walk from the living room to the bathroom or our bedroom. It was becoming torture. So, yea for the door! Oh, and how freaking cute are Connor and Ian putting the door on together?!?

We capped off our weekend by barbecuing tri-tip. Apparently tri-tip doesn't exist over here in Scotland. The cow just doesn't produce it! Ian actually printed off a picture of what cut of meat he was looking for and took it in to a butcher. We found out, they use that meat here for steaks and roast, thus no tri-tip. But we got our hands on it and it was good.

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  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend with the perfect mix of productive and fun!
    BTW, I like Orville Redenbacher's light popcorn... none of that oily feel and still tastes good! But I don't know your taste... at the movies, I'm definitely NOT a "yes-please" to the butter option kind of girl.


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