Eating Off the Floor

I have a very unsophisticated eater on my hands. He loves to pull food out of his mouth, look at it, play with it and then return it to his mouth. He doesn’t use bowls. Whenever we put one in front of him, he almost instantly pours it and its contents upside down.

Because of this, the concept of a suction cupped bowl seemed genius. I suction cupped it to the coffee table and put some cheerios in it. I tested it and it seemed stuck. Connor came over and almost instantly pulled it off. I tried two other times and both times he was easily able to pull it off. FAIL!

So, I conceded and let Connor hold the bowl. He started picking up cheerios and throwing them over his shoulder. After doing this about five times, he turned the bowl upside down.

He was finally back to his element, eating cheerios off the floor! Maybe someday I will make this kid a little more sophisticated.

1 comment:

  1. With that face, I'd probably let him eat off the floor too. That third picture is priceless.


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