Lists are Lame

When I have so much going on in my life (or really, in my head) I become at a loss of what to blog about. So here are some interesting things to keep you intrigued:

I took Connor swimming yesterday. He loved it.
I am not going back to work...long story.
After cooking for what seems 1000 days straight, I didn't cook last night.
Its actually sunny outside today and I am excited about it
(even if I can already see the clouds rolling in)
I am so over Connor having diarrhea
Why do I have so much trouble getting to sleep at night?
I am already planning Connor's first birthday party
I can't figure out if that is super organized or crazy parenting
I am seriously considering buying some fitflops

There is a lot going on behind the scenes in my life right now. Eventually it will be revealed, just not today. And can I just say, that thinking really does kill. I mean, honestly I can't believe how worn out I can get just by thinking about things! If only my brain had and on/off switch, that would be sublime. And I know what some of you are times I act as if my brain is off...but just think, if that is me with my brain on, imagine how I would be with it off! Okay, so that was a pointless tangent. And don't you worry, I will be back to my blogging self before you know it!

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