Family Walk

I love crisp, cool weather. I love bundling up and being out in the sun. So nice.

Yesterday we went out on a family walk. It was nice getting out of the house, getting some exercise and being able to have Ian with me through it all. Our walk took us by a playground. Connor freaks out whenever he sees a playground. If we don't stop, it's drama. Thankfully, he has really cool parents, so he got to play.

And Isla, well she slept through most of our adventure. She did wake up at the end and want to be held. And being the wonderful mother that I am, I obliged. There's just something about cuddling with a baby. And that phase goes by so fast so I need to enjoy it while I can!

I love spending time as a family. And I love getting out of the house. It was a good morning.

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  1. Lovely. Just lovely. This post reminds me of reading kids books about exploring nature in Fall for some reason. What a lovely family you have.


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