Isla {2 Months}

Weight: 12lbs 2oz
Length: 23 inches

My baby girl is growing up so fast. She has become so generous with her smiles lately. And those smiles, they are worth more than all the money in the world. No joke. Something about my kids smiling at me just melts my heart and makes it all worth it. 

Isla is a champion eater, but obviously also a champion grower. Up until a few days ago, she has seemed to be on no type of schedule. I was afraid I was going to have to figure out a schedule for her and all the sudden she seems to have put herself on one. Awesome! Last night she even slept from 10pm until 6:30am! Me, on the other hand? Well, I woke up twice and checked that she was still breathing. When Ian's alarm went off this morning and I informed him that Isla was still asleep, he asked the same thing "Is she still breathing?" I think we were both in amazement at this accomplishment.

Isla definitely prefers to be held. Because of this, I have taken to wearing her in the house. It does allow me to get some things done, but still there are a lot of things I can't the dishes. Bummer, right? Isla really likes music. When I sing to her, she settles down. Ian played his ipod for her when she was crying and she settled down from that as well. So, I play music for her in the morning when I am getting ready. She seems to like it.

I am still in bliss over this babe God has given me to raise up. I will never tire of hearing Connor say "Isla" in his little voice. And it melts my heart whenever I ask him "Connor, is Isla your best friend?" and each time he says "yes".


  1. Oh Miss Isla some how you just keep getting more adorable!! Happy 2 months!

  2. What a beautiful DOLL! Gorgeous? Good smiler? Sounds like her mama.


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