Twelve Dates of Christmas {one}

I got this idea here. But I added a twist to it. Every date is a surprise to Ian. He doesn't know when they are happening or what we are doing. Let the fun times begin!

With my parents in town for a night, I decided it would be a good time to start this new tradition. I also decided I will announce every date with a card. And this time, Ian got a little something sweet with his card...candy cane hershey's kisses. SO FREAKING GOOD. Connor was all about them too. He wasn't too happy that he was only allowed to have one. Such a hard life being two.

Off to Papa & Memaw's the kids went and out by ourselves we were.  We went to BJs for our first date. It didn't go quite as planned. You see, Ian was sick today. But he said he thought he was up for going out. So we still went out. Right when the appetizer was set on our table, Ian ran to the bathroom to throw up. Unfortunately the super good stuffed mushrooms (I still enjoyed them!) smelled really bad to sick Ian and made his lunch come up. But, being the good sport that Ian is, he didn't want to leave. So, we (well, me) enjoyed our dinner. Even if Ian didn't get to eat, it was nice having some alone time together.

And now my poor husband is asleep on the appears he has the flu. Bummer. Hopefully he will be better soon and ready for date number two.


  1. I LOVE THIS IDEA. I'm stealing it for next year! Can't wait to see your other dates... just because this one was rough doesn't mean the others will be.

  2. Awww! What a cute idea! I'm sorry he's sick but what a sweet trooper for still going out!

  3. I think I might be the only blogger on the planet that doesn't follow the Rockstar diaries, soooooo I'm blown away by this idea. I just read all of your dates so far and I love this idea.

    Confession: I'm totally stealing this. We didn't do much for Christmas this year. So, once we get to Chi-town I'm implementing this plan. We'll have Christmas all year.

    (sorry for the book of a comment and for making your romance about me... eeek)


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