Twelve Dates of Christmas {six}

On the sixth date of Christmas, my true love gave to me I gave to my true love...

A different date than planned

You see, given that we are on a budget and all, I couldn't afford for us to go out for all our dates. So, I planned something nice for us at home. I arranged for the kids to go over to my parents house and I was going to make Ian a nice dinner at home...that we could enjoy in peace. But, when Ian got home from work, he told me get got a little Christmas money from work, so we used that money to go out instead. It was a fun, unexpected surprise for me. 
We went for sushi. Yummy!  While at dinner, I managed to make Ian spit out beer all over, like something you would see in a movie. I said something (something not even that funny) while Ian was taking a drink. Apparently, he found it extra funny and couldn't contain his laughter. Thus beer everywhere. And, weird looks from people sitting by us. Because of this, neither of us could stop laughing until we left the restaurant. Good thing it happened at the end of our meal.

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