Almond Blossoms 2015

When the almond trees are in bloom is the one time of year one might call living in the central valley of California beautiful. For those three weeks (maybe a little longer, but it sure is over quick), it sure is pretty. And given that I don't have allergies, I don't loathe it like the 90% of other people here.

A couple years ago, I said I wanted to make a tradition of taking pictures in the almond blossoms. I managed that year. And then I missed out on last year because the rain knocked out all the blossoms before I got the chance to get us out there. I was afraid that would happen again this year, but we caught them.

I have my own family "selfie" setup, with a tripod and wireless remote. The kids love the remote and it is how I can bribe them to cooperate. Of course, then we also end up with a bunch of pictures of say my butt as I climb off the ground…the delete button is my friend!

^^ This kid loves to ham it up for the camera. 90% of the pictures I take of him are of him goofing off and spinning around. 

These kids of mine love the outdoors. I actually told them we were going to play in the orchard, rather than take pictures, because I knew if I mentioned pictures, they would protest. I would love to live in the middle of an orchard one day, where the kids could just run wild and free…but who knows if that will ever happen. In the mean time, they can just frolic through other people's orchards…which, side note, Ian worked at the fruit stand attached to this orchard when he was growing up.

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  1. I love love love all of these!

  2. Most of the pictures didn't load correctly for me (boo) but that first one did and it's such a framer!

    I actually had never heard of almond blossoms before this year, so it was extra special seeing these pictures!


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