Type A

So, neither Ian or I have type a personalities. Case in point, our power went out two weeks ago and we haven't reset the clock in our bedroom since. That is normally the alarm clock Ian uses to get up in the morning, but he just switched to his phone. So, two weeks later, that little clock sits in my room, blinking away, apparently not driving either one of us insane because neither one of us has done anything about it.

I find people and their personality traits fascinating. Both Ian and I have type a characteristics (which I am sure everyone has at least a couple), but neither one of us would be labeled as such…definitely not me, that's for sure. Though I do bite my nails, and I never realized that was seen as a type a trait. Interesting.

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  1. That's very interesting. Andy & I are both VERY type A. Well, probably me more than him. But in the great spectrum of personality traits, he still sits in type A zones.

    That alarm clock would have been fixed right away. HAHAHAHA :)

    1. So, you piqued my interest and I went on to read this article:

      And sure enough, I'm every single one of those things except the fast walker bit. I'm the slowest walker on the face of this planet. And the Type A in me HATES that fact.


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